A Woman’s Dilemma: Body Image Roundtable Discussion


“Body Image”, a term that most women cringe or feel awkward about when they first hear.  It’s an issue that most of us deal with mentally, and feel very uncomfortable talking about with others.  Because it is no secret that in our society, specifically the Western world, that women have to deal with so many images and influences that shape us into believing  what is considered the ideal beauty of a real  woman.   And this has affected women of ALL cultures, backgrounds and age groups for years.

StyleLikeU, an online magazine/site, dedicated to pushing forth creativity and free forms of expression to the world understands the importance of this issue.  And took it upon themselves to create a roundtable discussion with Eve, Cory Kennedy, Venus X, G*LEE, Megan LeCrone, Nicolette Mason, Domonique Echeverria, and Sara Ziff.  These 8 different women whom all work in creative fields, whether it be media, journalism, music etc… talk about their different and even similar experiences dealing with their identity and self-acceptance, particularly, when it comes to their body.

I actually found myself relieved and empowered after watching this 18 minute video, primarily because it confirms that I am not alone.  And that even Eve, a women who broke down barriers as a Black entertainer that I have looked up to since she first showcased her talent to the world, still has insecurities too.  I also related closely to the stories of Nicolette, Venus X and Dominique; although all 8 of these women’s stories are authentically real and can be learned from.

I suggest all of you lovely ladies out there to take a look at this video, because it is more of a celebration of the individuality and uniqueness amongst women, as we all continue on our journey of accepting who we are as powerful beings and creators of the world.

Thank you, StyleLikeU!

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