“Sapphires & Sisters began with a Dream and a Fantasy…
Now it is my Reality…
And I Wish to share this Experience…
With those that Believe…”

I am looking forward to continually writing, creating and sharing my gifts and magic with you all.  If you are interested in my offerings; be it, writing, visionary/creative projects or counseling, I’m just an email away.
~ Inna L. Smith

Contact Info:
Twitter:  Iceberg_LeSlilm
Instagram:  LaCosaNostra79
YouTube:  Nina513
Email:  nee892000@yahoo.com/sapphires708@gmail.com

Contributing Writer:
RoyAyersProject.com & 70×30.com

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  1. Lol! I think i finally figured out how to post some comments to your blog, but i actually thought i was already a follower? but it might be with the other blog total? I am going to figure this one out!

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