Mariska Veres: Tribute to The Shine Eyed Songbird

Her weapons were
Her crystal eyes

Making every man mad
Black as the dark night she was
Got what no-one else had

It’s kind of eerie how the song, “Venus”, sung by Mariska Veres of the legendary band, Shocking Blue, mocks and reflects the very attributes that she had as a woman.  A Goddess, she was.  Born with her Sun in Libra, coincidentally, ruled by the planet Venus on October 1, 1947, it seems as if Mariska was born to be a beauty for the world to see.

Born in The Hague, Netherlands, it’s kind of obvious that her ethnic roots went deeper than that of Dutch ancestry.  You can see the Hungarian-Romani and Russian in her dark hair and inviting blue-green eyes.  She had such an enthralling aura about her, thus mentioned by admirers and those that knew her personally, it is even evident in photos.  There were many women of her era that were known for their style and beauty, but I have NEVER seen anyone who’s was as subtly dynamic as Mariska’s.

After only seeing one picture of her, I could tell that she was on another level and had a very deep soul.  And through her music, you could definitely hear it and feel it.  With such a rugged and soulful tone, her voice could take you to certain depths.  A dark, Gothic beauty, yet there was still a sense of innocence and purity about her.  I also find it interesting that she was a lover of cats, being the very intuitive person that I am, I could see a feline influence within her…  It takes one, to know one.


Being the R&B/Hip-Hop kind of girl that I am, I never knew anything about Mariska or even Shocking Blue.  It wasn’t until I accidentally stumbled across one of their pictures that I realized that I had heard their music, but never put faces to the sounds.  But I must admit, Mariska’s beauty caught me off guard; as well as, her mystique.  She was well-known as the lead singer of one of the greatest Rock n Roll bands of the ’70s and even had success as a solo artist, but as years went on, she was rarely in the spotlight.  Unlike many artists of today, she was a woman who shared her talent with the world, but was never the one to crave for the limelight and attention.  A powerful singer, yet modest and humble at heart.

In celebration of her birthday month and Libra season, I felt that it was a must that such a legend be honored.  Fans worldwide to this day praise Mariska Veres for her unique style of song and her contribution to music.  Through it, she lives on.

P.S.  I must reiterate the fact that not only was Mariska born with her Sun sign in Libra, she was born with it in her natal Mercury and Venus (for all of the astrology buffs out there).  She was most definitely BORN to sing the song, “Venus”, as it reflected whom she was.  Thus, making it one of the greatest turn of the century Rock n Roll songs of all time.

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