“Our truest life is when we are in dreams awake.” Henry David Thoreau

We all are born with God-given talents and abilities that are meant to be shared with the world.
We all have power over how we react to life’s normalities, whether they be positive or negative.
And we all wish to reach a destination called happiness: a place where one dwells encompassed in their own feelings of freedom and jubilance.
And I am here to help people take the necessary steps to get closer to that place.

Therefore, I am now offering free 30 minute phone consultations starting, June 1st, 2014, to people in need of emotional healing, spiritual advice or just an ear that can help them discern their way through situations or ideas that they may need light shed on.

It is my absolute joy to help others, and I am now taking the Universe’s advice to help myself by empowering and encouraging others.

Be sure to book a session TODAY!  You have nothing to lose, and so very much to gain.

– Inna L. Smith

How to Book a Consultation with Inna:

  • Email me at, with your name, what kind of reading you need and please specify how you came across this offer.  Skype consultations maybe scheduled by request.

Some of my YouTube videos:

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