Epic Quotes #5: Special Edition

Cultivate your curves – they may be dangerous but they won’t be avoided.

I’m no model lady.  A model’s just an imitation of the real thing.

Personality is the glitter that sends your little gleam across the footlights and the orchestra pit into that big black space where the audience is.

I never loved another person the way I loved myself.

The score never interested me, only the game.

~  Mary Jane “Mae” West

#MyCurrentMuse: Turquoise Woman

Turquoise Woman

Okay.  So, her beauty is just captivating on various scales.
Her energy and aura just seeps through this photo.

I came across this Goddess on the Africland facebook page, and I was immediately blown away.  I have a ‘thing’ for African beauty; and moreover, I have a true attraction to North-East African women.  There is something about the women of this region and their features that are just striking to me.  I find their energy within photos to be very pulling and almost God-like.  And this young woman is no exception.

There was no name given, nor what tribe and/or country she was from in the post caption.  Therefore, I left a general comment inquiring about her background off of her features and dress, and was informed that she is from the Fulani Tribe of North/West/Central Africa.  And another person said that she is from the Kunama tribe of Eritrea and Ethiopia.  After doing my own research, she looks more like a member of the Fulani than the later, but who’s to say that there isn’t some sort of genetic connection between both tribes?  Let’s not forget, Africa is called “The Motherland”.

And is it me, or is there something Native American-like, about her?  It could be her hair,  her striking-disposition, or her auburn-red tone, which can only be found amongst certain ethnic groups in the world.  I just find her to be perfection; beautiful dress and jewelry, enthralling eyes.

WOW.  African Beauty.  Original Woman.  ✪

A Woman’s Dilemma: Body Image Roundtable Discussion


“Body Image”, a term that most women cringe or feel awkward about when they first hear.  It’s an issue that most of us deal with mentally, and feel very uncomfortable talking about with others.  Because it is no secret that in our society, specifically the Western world, that women have to deal with so many images and influences that shape us into believing  what is considered the ideal beauty of a real  woman.   And this has affected women of ALL cultures, backgrounds and age groups for years.

StyleLikeU, an online magazine/site, dedicated to pushing forth creativity and free forms of expression to the world understands the importance of this issue.  And took it upon themselves to create a roundtable discussion with Eve, Cory Kennedy, Venus X, G*LEE, Megan LeCrone, Nicolette Mason, Domonique Echeverria, and Sara Ziff.  These 8 different women whom all work in creative fields, whether it be media, journalism, music etc… talk about their different and even similar experiences dealing with their identity and self-acceptance, particularly, when it comes to their body.

I actually found myself relieved and empowered after watching this 18 minute video, primarily because it confirms that I am not alone.  And that even Eve, a women who broke down barriers as a Black entertainer that I have looked up to since she first showcased her talent to the world, still has insecurities too.  I also related closely to the stories of Nicolette, Venus X and Dominique; although all 8 of these women’s stories are authentically real and can be learned from.

I suggest all of you lovely ladies out there to take a look at this video, because it is more of a celebration of the individuality and uniqueness amongst women, as we all continue on our journey of accepting who we are as powerful beings and creators of the world.

Thank you, StyleLikeU!

Lime Crime’s Zodiac Glitter Collection

For all of you makeup lovers out there; specifically, glitter freaks (such as myself)…
This is for you!


Lime Crime has whipped up something truly fantasifull and dreamy for its latest release, Zodiac Glitters!  With this new loose glitter collection, they have chosen to create 13 different shades that compliment every zodiac sign.  They even included a glitter for Ophiuchus, the newly discovered 13th zodiac sign.  I must say, that they pretty much hit it right on the head with Scorpio, Aquarius and Sagittarius.  Those colors SO describe those signs.   But it is something about the Libra, Cancer and Capricorn glitters that are captivating.

ALSO, don’t miss out on their Black Friday sale.  Where everything on their site will be 30% off including more discounts throughout the weekend.  I gotta get at least two of these, guys…. But the question is, which ones?
Decisions, decisions.

Which ones are your faves???

Lime Crime Zodiac Glitters
Black Friday Sale

Non-Traditional Hair Color, Highlights & More

It’s officially been 4 years since the last time I dyed my hair, and I am openly admitting that I am ready to rekindle my relationship with hair color.  I first got my hair dyed in high school, and I wanted a deep red tone, but unfortunately my beautician was not the best hair dyer, and it did not come out to my liking.

So when college rolled around and I had enough money to choose my own beautician, I dove straight into dying my hair.  I was too ready to create a new look for myself because, I got tired of looking like everyone else.  And so I started with a honey blonde color on top and black at the bottom.  I even ended up with a Keyshia Cole type of Cherry-red and blonde creation, which happened by accident, but turned out very cool.  I had several shades and really enjoyed experimenting with colors, but this all came at a high price.  A price called MAINTENANCE.  As a college student, I could not keep up with properly moisturizing my hair and all that it took to keep a healthy head of hair that was not only being dyed constantly, but also being flat-ironed everyday.

So I took a break….. A long, well needed break from dye.  My hair needed it BAD.  Since then, I began to wear my hair in its natural state for the first time ever in my life.  And within the past couple years I have learned how to manage, groom and nourish my hair according to what it needs and not what seemed convenient.


With that being said, I think its time for me to take a dip back into the color pool.  Because I am honestly a very colorful person at heart and as you get older your preferences, style and many other things change…. But I have always loved hair color.  It adds personality to a person’s look, it defines who they are or what they are feeling at that moment.  It is your trademark, your “stand out” factor.  So I am pretty sure I’m ready to get things kicking again.

The pictures I have in this post are a few of some of my favorites that display hair color and highlights in ways that I love; my inspiration.  Growing up, artists like Lil’ Kim, Nivea and Kelis were some of my favorite artists that weren’t afraid of color.  Although many people still see wearing pink and green hair as opposed to a medium brown or black as wacky, they did it anyway and this became a part of their signature look and style.  And in recent pop culture, Katy Perry and Lady Gaga, have been two of the most visually intriguing artists, especially with their hairstyles and color.  It seems as if they change it almost ever other day.

And as for myself, I have ALWAYS loved blue hair (it is my favorite color).  And I always wanted to get a midnight blue/indigo hair color that looks very dark, but from certain angles and in certain lights you can see its true blue shade.  And I finally got around to finding a dye that I felt satisfied my taste; as well as, would not be harsh on my hair (like in previous years).  So I went along with Manic Panic, one of the most well known hair dye companies that aims in pushing the envelope when it comes to hair color.  I chose their color Shocking Blue (modeled below) and I really don’t know when I’m going to put it into my hair, but I am very excited.  I am SO looking forward to getting more colors, as well.  Pink, Lavender and maybe Orange.  But this time around, I am going to take things SLOW.

What would the world be without color?
I hope we’ll never know.  😉