The Power of Coincidence, Magic & Chance: The Winter Season

Around this time, last year, some of the most amazing and magical things began to happen and occur in my life.  I’m not talking cliche, “I pull a rabbit out of my hat: Wala!” type of magic, but actual synchronistic occurrences that happened in everyday life that were nothing short of a miracle…  True magic.  And it all started with one lecture.

During a routine Youtube search for videos by the Master Teacher, Bobby Hemmitt, I came across a newly uploaded video of one of his last lectures from 2008 entitled, Return of Nefertem, Son of Sekhmet.  I honestly cannot put into words how much of an impact this video had on me, and still has on me.  From beginning to end, the powerful information that is relayed, by not only Bobby, but from the opening speaker, Bro. Daki Napata, and others is so profound.  Information pertaining to the fairy realm, the significance and power of the Winter Equinox, the truth about Hollywood and celebritism, cosmic activity that can be seen with the naked eye and much, much more.

For those who are in-tune with the seasons or have a strong connection with Winter, the holidays and this time of year and its energies, I suggest that you take the time out to watch this video.  The spiritual and metaphysical knowledge will not only interest you, but change your view of how you see the world and the way things happen.  And what a special and opportune time, as people have more leisure and idle time during this final month of the year.

I will try and post time marks where certain topics are brought up, being that this video is a lengthy one. And for those who know of Bro. Bobby’s current health situation, follow the link below and continue to donate and support him and his recovery.

Love and blessings to you all!  Make this season MAGICAL!

Bobby Hemmitt Love Fund

Happy June: Free Readings!

June is here, and it’s a WONDERFUL feeling!

We have officially made it through half of 2014, kudos to us!  In celebration of life and the many great things that have happened to me since the beginning of last month, I have chosen to pass my joy on to others.  So for the entire month of June, I will be giving out FREE emotional and spiritual healing consultations to those in need.  Yup, FREE!

I feel that with the school year coming to an end, people winding down for relaxation and Summer being around the corner, this would be an awesome gift to people out there looking for guidance for the next part of the year.  As time goes on, life begins to show us how important it is to be living in our full potential.  It’s as if we are being reminded, continuously, to take risks and reach for the stars, as our on light shine’s within.

And to all of those ready to walk a journey of courage and bliss, whom made need a helping hand, check out the new, My Services tab, where you can find out more about these free readings.

I am so looking forward to the new people that I will meet through this new venture. There’s nothing like the gift of reaching out to reach within.

Understanding and Overstanding The Cosmos

We are a+part of some-thing vast and wondrous. ~ We are a-part of some-thing IN+timate & true.
~ Something BOTH + modern -n- ancient.  Sum+thing of this AGE and fore all AGEs. ~

Codex Tor, Part II

On The Horizon: Mercury Retrograde & Solar Eclipse in Scorpio

It’s time to go deep, ladies and gentleman.  That’s right.  Scorpio season is amongst us and things are getting PRETTY heavy.  Whether you are a believer in astrology or not, their is one fact that cannot be denied; the energy of late has been very intense, and things are moving rapidly, whether you want them to or not… the ‘PUSH’ won’t let up.  And that’s just the power of the universe for you.  And I think that it’s very important for people to inform themselves about this so that they can move accordingly and make the proper steps in order to survive these occurrences and prosper in life.

With that out of the way, let’s get into it!

Scorpio is the deepest astrological sign of them all.  Being that it’s influence is spread heavily within my chart, I can bare witness to this.  Dealing with rebirth, death, secrets, sex, the unseen, and being a researcher and revealer of the unknown; you can expect for some surprises to come up within the next couple of weeks.

We are entering a Mercury Retrograde from October 21st to November 11th in this sign, so it will be a definite time of deep, internal reflection.  Many things may come to the surface that must be dealt with.  Retrogrades usually can cause a lot mishaps and confusion, as well.  Miscommunication, accidents, not reading in-between the lines; all of this can be brought on by a retrograde.  So it is very important to take it easy throughout this period of time so that things can run smoothly.  And with a Solar Eclipse occurring within this time frame on November 3rd at 11 degrees Scorpio, there will be more beginnings and endings that will happen in your life.  It is very important for those who know their birth chart to be mindful of where Scorpio resides in the houses and their angles and positions to see how this will be influencing you, directly.

Below, you will find several articles from some of my favorite astrologers/blogs about these two astrological events so that you can get greater details.  New opportunities are on the horizon, lovelies, and I hope that we all will rise to the occasion and TAKE what is rightfully ours.  Looking forward to what’s on the other side!  And be sure to catch a glimpse of the eclipse if you can, it will bless you! 

Mercury RX via Psychics Universe
Mercury RX via Mystic Mamma
Solar Eclipse via Dark Star Astrology

Solar Eclipse via Stars and Stones

Conscious Affirmations: The Illusion of Time

“I remember the first day of my senior year in college, I had a meeting to go to at 5:00 pm.  Being that it was scheduled for the evening and I had traveled all morning, I decided to take a nap before the meeting and set my alarm.  After my nap,  I went to attend the meeting.  And once I got there, to my surprise, no one had arrived yet, but the woman in charge.  She proceeded to ask me why was I there so early because it was only 4:00 pm, but as I took a glance at my phone clock, all the while confused, it read 5:00…”


It was at that moment that I realized that time really doesn’t exist.  Although, the state my school was in is an hour behind the eastern standard time according to my phone and where I had been living all Summer, the whole situation seemed to be much more profound than a time glich.   Sure, it happens all the time when people travel through time zones… But what made this instance so different in my mind?

I think it was the fact that I realized that time does not stop… No matter where you go and not matter what you do.  And that the only thing that makes you aware of it is the mind; mentally being conscious about your surroundings.  Imagine if people didn’t have clocks or any means to tell actual time with numbers and/or gadgets of some sort.  The world keeps turning.  People keep moving.  The sun keeps shining, whether it is visible on your side of the Earth or on another side.  The planets keeps rotating… Nothing stops.  So in all honesty, we have no control of time.  It’s all about what you allow to make yourself aware of consciously.

I think this situation taught me to become more present in day to day life.  To not get so caught up in being “on time” or rushing to do things according to when I think they need to be done.  All that is meant to be, will be.  You have to learn how to let the universe work according to destiny.  Because when the time is right for something to occur, it will chose its own time.  So in essence, time is always on OUR side.

– True affirmations

Control vs. Freedom: The Function of The Brain

When I saw this picture/diagram, I find it interesting that I immediately thought that I would be a totally right brained influenced person, but there are a lot of things in the left brain description that I practice (right click to enlarge).   I do feel that there is a need for balance in life, but being too left brained leads to much more constriction, mentally, in my opinion.  And I am practicing on loosing up when it comes to that side, and allowing my right brain (my true self) to flow freely.

What about you: which side of your brain influences you the most, and why???