“Hey, Where’s The Cream Filling?”: Goodbye, Hostess.

It seems as if Twinkie The Kid has finally had enough of the ever so delectable goodies in his Hostess stash bag.  And sadly enough, his over indulgence has cost us all much pain.

Yes, this is really happening.  I know you don’t understand, but just read this clearly;
In other words, Hostess Brands, Inc. is shutting down its operations nationwide, for good.

I mean, damn!  This is a total shocker for me.  Just the idea of Hostess, a classic American food company that has created some of the most classic American snacks for years……gone?  It makes no sense.  But after reading about what has been going on internally within the corporation for years; negligent management, increasing labor costs, bankruptcy suits and competition from healthier food companies within their market; it seems as if Hostess just could not jump ship.

I honestly had not been following up on this new story, but when I tuned into the local news here in Cincinnati and heard that the Butternut Bread and Hostess plant downtown was closing, I knew that this was serious.  That’s over 150 people out of work for the holiday season and that’s a staple business within our community that will no longer be in existence.

Just thinking about Hostess snacks; specifically, Zingers, Sno Balls and their Fruit Pies reminds me of childhood.  The nostalgic feeling of being a kid and going over my Great-Grandmother and Great-Aunt’s house and walking to the local food store with them, I would be SO excited when they would allow me to pick my favorite snack for lunch.  It was usually a Cherry pie or Zinger, I just loved them!  Hostess has been a household food brand for generations.

And as consumers worldwide have been affected by this, I can’t help but to think about our economy and other American food companies and businesses in general.  Since the economic collapse of 2008, as a country we have been able to slowly get back on our feet, and things have improved; but we have also lost many American branded companies within various industries.  And just the idea of Hostess Brands closing it’s doors makes me wonder, who will be next?

So whether you liked their sugary sweets, or preferred their Wonder Bread, no one can say that there is not ONE Hostess product that they have tried and will not miss.  And in all honesty, as I have grown up, I don’t eat as much sweets as I used to, but to know that I may walk in a grocery store and will never again see the Hostess rack is pretty outlandish.  Maybe an investor or another company may buy their brand?  Who knows, but I know that they will surely be missed.  Here in Cincinnati and worldwide.  And I will be praying that the 18,000 plus workers that lost their jobs may find work as soon as possible.

So, now let us have a moment of silence…..

What are your favorite Hostess products, any awesome stories and memories?  Comment below.

Cincinnati article
Detroit News article

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