Trust YOUR Experience

As a child growing up, I felt extremely sheltered.  I wasn’t allowed to go to sleepovers, I didn’t get to hangout as often as the other ‘cool’ and ‘popping’ kids at my elementary and high school.  At times, I even felt like a damn slave.  And there is nothing worse than that gut-wrenching instinct that nudges you into realizing that you just aren’t a part of a certain group, clique or society amongst people.  It seems as if everyone is going in the right direction, yet you are always on the opposite end.

Have you ever pondered over why this may be?  Why things have to always be so different for you?  Well, it has not been until recently, that I realized that the Universe/God/the All/the Creator was guiding me on my own path and that on my individual journey, I wouldn’t be able to do a lot of the things that other people had the freedom to do.  This even registers into the reality of adulthood.  When you feel like you deserve something; that job, that car, the money, the fame, the attention etc… And it doesn’t come when you want it to, or it may not come at all.  Have you ever thought that this may be a sign, some sort of blessing in disguise?

We ALL have our own paths to trod in life.  And many of our steps forward are predetermined by fate and sometimes divine order.  As I mentioned before, I used to feel so left out and held back, but it was actually God protecting me from a lot of things that probably would have tainted my spirit or even harmed who I was as a child (this even occurs for me now).  But who really thinks about that as a kid… NO ONE!  You just want to be in the mix, because it seems as if it is the right and cool thing to do.  Perception leads us to believe many things.

I say this to encourage people to trust their experience(s).  Trust what has happened in your past and have faith in the present and future.  We are not in control of everything that happens, but we can choose how to react when certain situations are put before us.  It’s not easy, as we are born and bred to be control freaks, but a lot of times a greater force can flip everything in one quick second.

So, if you didn’t fall in love with that one guy or girl, from junior high that you were convinced was THEE one, maybe he/she just wasn’t.  And if you didn’t get that position that you know you deserved, don’t feel down or discouraged, there was a reason for it.  A lot of times we short change ourselves to what looks satisfying to the mind, but our heart and being deserves much more.

Be trusting.  Let go.  Have Faith.

5 Tips on How To Live a More Authentic Life with Jamilla Manigault

As we progress through Summer, thus entering into the second part of the year, I can sense an awakening that is occurring amongst many human beings. There is an underlying restlessness and urge that is morphing into a global need for self-discovery and truth, a truth that will allow people to live freely and authentically. Yet, within the Western world and our society at large, this is a true struggle. With the “Never Good Enough” syndrome that we are fed from an early age, it can be hard for many people to grow into their true self and identity. With this in mind, I felt it would be beneficial if I would contact someone that could give me some information and tips for myself that I could share with others on such a deep topic.

Jamilla Manigault, life-coach, author of the book, Have You Ever Had an Orgasm? and sexual energy expert whom specializes in helping people to open up to their inner greatness and power, was the first to come to mind. I am one of her former students, from her For the Goddess in You web series that is dedicated to teaching women how to heal themselves and step into their womanhood. It was the most powerful class I have ever taken, even as a degree holder; no course that I took in college could compare to the knowledge and experience that Jamilla reveals to her audience. And because of this, I knew that she would be perfect in relaying such inspirational answers.

Below are 5 tips that Jamilla agreed to share with me; as well as, words of wisdom on what people can do in order to break free and BE. Check them out.


  1. Get Intimate with Yourself
    Grab yourself a journal and sit quietly where you will not be disturbed and Freewrite (writing without thinking) all the reasons that keep you from showing up authentically. Whether it is telling the truth about your circumstances, how you feel in a moment or even the physical appearances you feel you have to keep up. Why do you show up in this way? Is it because of your job, so people will like you, you feel this is a way to be loved, whatever it is… WRITE ABOUT IT! 
  2. Adopt a “So What?!”Attitude
    It really only matters what you think of yourself. Whenever you feel the anxiety of what others maybe thinking, say: “Who cares? So what?! I am ok with who I am and that is all that matters.”. 
  3. Limit Social Media and Internet Browsing
    Seeing others accomplishments, whether through Facebook, Instagram, or even what they’re wearing, can trigger an insecurity within you because you may feel you are not living up to those standards or keeping up with “The Joneses”. Stay focused on what you are doing to create happiness within your own life and less on what others are doing. 
  4. Tell The Truth, No Matter What
    Many lie to make themselves look more important. Just force yourself to tell the truth. Let go of any embarrassment, and as you tell the truth, that embarrassment will magically disappear. 
  5. Manage Your Insecurities
    Find your self-worth by doing some mirror/affirmation work. Everyday, look in the mirror. Just stare in your own eyes, then say a powerful affirmation. One that I like is, “I am beautiful and powerful. I love myself so much and so does the world.”. You can develop one that resonates with you. Developing this habit of affirming helps you to release self-depreciating habits. Become honest with yourself and let go of the need to blame others for your shortcomings.

Overall, in living an authentic life, being honest with yourself is the most important thing that you can do. We all are flawed in some manner; however, what makes us perfect is our ability to honestly and consistently work through our issues and release past traumas that keep us stuck from enjoying the freedom of life that is promised to us all. It is not easy, but well worth the struggle. There is a market for your insecurity and need to fit in. You can choose to buy into it and stay in an unending spiral of self defeat, or choose to liberate yourself completely. Start today, live authentically!

– Content appears on Sapphires & Sisters courtesy of Ms. Jamilla Manigault

Shout out to Jamilla Manigault for taking out the time to share such incredible information, I hope that this inspires you all! Let’s start LIVING!
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