The Power of Coincidence, Magic & Chance: The Winter Season

Around this time, last year, some of the most amazing and magical things began to happen and occur in my life.  I’m not talking cliche, “I pull a rabbit out of my hat: Wala!” type of magic, but actual synchronistic occurrences that happened in everyday life that were nothing short of a miracle…  True magic.  And it all started with one lecture.

During a routine Youtube search for videos by the Master Teacher, Bobby Hemmitt, I came across a newly uploaded video of one of his last lectures from 2008 entitled, Return of Nefertem, Son of Sekhmet.  I honestly cannot put into words how much of an impact this video had on me, and still has on me.  From beginning to end, the powerful information that is relayed, by not only Bobby, but from the opening speaker, Bro. Daki Napata, and others is so profound.  Information pertaining to the fairy realm, the significance and power of the Winter Equinox, the truth about Hollywood and celebritism, cosmic activity that can be seen with the naked eye and much, much more.

For those who are in-tune with the seasons or have a strong connection with Winter, the holidays and this time of year and its energies, I suggest that you take the time out to watch this video.  The spiritual and metaphysical knowledge will not only interest you, but change your view of how you see the world and the way things happen.  And what a special and opportune time, as people have more leisure and idle time during this final month of the year.

I will try and post time marks where certain topics are brought up, being that this video is a lengthy one. And for those who know of Bro. Bobby’s current health situation, follow the link below and continue to donate and support him and his recovery.

Love and blessings to you all!  Make this season MAGICAL!

Bobby Hemmitt Love Fund

Autumn Blessings & Salutations


A beautiful time and season has arrived, and I hope that it has been wonderfully magical and transformative for all of you thus far!  From the light, to the dark.  From full disclosure, to hermit-like enclosure.  This is what the Fall brings!  A buffering season of thanksgiving, harvests, candy and costumes, recognition of our loved-ones and ancestors, and much more.

As the leaves change colors, so do the colors of our feelings, the colors of our emotions.  So we must stay grounded and prayerful.  Open and light-hearted.  So enjoy this season, and whatever you do, do it in Fall fashion!


Five Fabulous Things About Fall

The Fall is my absolute favorite season and always has been.  It could be because my birthday is during this season, because I love carving pumpkins or because the sweet aroma of Apple Cider comes to mind; but it is something about this time of the year that really warms people’s hearts and brings a sense of positive change into the atmosphere.

And since there are so many things about this season that I love, I chose to pick 5 out of the many things that makes Fall such a fabulous time of the year.

Here goes:

  • The Transformation of Nature

There is nothing like going to the park or looking out your window and slowly but surely witnessing the leaves on trees change colors.  Brown, orange, maroon, red… All of these colors fill our surroundings throughout this season.  And there is something totally therapeutic about watching leaves fall from the tree; gives me a sense of renewal and letting go.

  • The Relapse of Time

Is it me, or does it seem like time kind of slows down in the Fall?  Maybe since the fast and upbeat rhythm of the Summer and the hot Sun begins to slowly fade, it seems as if  around this time of the year I have more time to do things throughout the day.  And this I love.  The hustle that is the Summer: festivals, family reunions, and trips is all fun, but it happens so fast that by the end of the Summer you ask yourself:  “DAMN, it’s already the end of July?”  Yeah, we all do.

  • Halloween

Being that my birthday is on Halloween (Do not be scared, I am not a witch… MAYBE ;-0), this holiday has always been one of the funnest and happiest days out the year for me.  And apart from that, Halloween gives people a reason to act out.  You can dress up, pretend that you are someone or something for the day, play tricks on people, eat candy and scare kids… Now what day of the year tops that?  I rest my case.

  • Thanksgiving

No disrespect to my readers, but if you are not an American, then you would not understand the greatness that is Thanksgiving.  Stuffing, buttery turkey, sweet potato pie, pineapple upside down cake….  Oops, I mean, the significance of the meaning of this holiday is very important.  This is one day out of the year where it is necessary that you surround yourself with people that you love.  Whether they are family, friends or loved-ones, it is a day of giving, receiving and being thankful for what you have.  And did I mention, the food? 😉

  • Christmas Is Right Around The Corner

Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hannukah, or Kwanzaa, the anticipation for these holidays always kicks in after Thanksgiving.  Which means more family time, great seasonal concerts, plays and festivals.  Here in Cincinnati, our zoo has an annual world renown show called The Festival of Lights, which has to be one of the hottest attractions here throughout the Thanksgiving and Christmas season.  I have not been since I was a little girl, so I am making sure that this year I go and create some new memories.

Reading this lists gets me so excited and ready for the festivities of this season.
What makes the Fall special to you and your family?

Fall, oh Fall… You must be the dearest season of them all!