MusicalYouth- Colorz

Currently back into my REGGAE bag…..  Strictly ROOTS & CULTURE, SEEN????
Definitely becoming more grounded for the next level and phase of my life.

Meanwhile, on this journey, I’ve been digging into Musical Youth’s catalog, IMMENSELY.  Never even realizing how extremely heavy these cats were and still are.  They were TRUE musicians.  Actual CREATORS.  And it is absolutely necessary to praise innovative artists that brought a new and different energy to the eyes, ears and hearts of world.  How rare is it to see new groups and bands on T.V. in this day and age?  How often do you actually see music videos?  How often do you see a group of young Black boys playing instruments in pure bliss?

This is why I am totally enthralled by Musical Youth’s story and how courageous they were then, knowing the tribulations they overcame to be a band still standing strong today.  And you don’t have to take my word for it, just listen to the music for yourself.  Because it is there that you will hear the real story.

Michael, Kelvin, Dennis, Patrick & Junior…  Absolutely BRILLIANT!  So happy to be RE-introduced to their music in a totally new light.  Also, Rest in Peace to Patrick and much love and blessings to Junior.  May Jah lift his spirit and renew his strength.

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