“The Takeover” vs. “Ether”: Large Professor Weighs in On The Combat Jack Show


“Just be still…  And it will be bestowed upon you.” – Large Professor 

When it comes to Hip Hop, it’s always very interesting and intriguing to hear inside stories and information about historic events that took place, that the public only gets a surface view of.  And in this video, Queensbridge legend, Large Professor, holds no punches; modestly, while giving us a glimpse of one of the most talked about rivalries in music history:  Jay-Z vs. Nas.

In this segment, Large Pro sits down with the men of The Combat Jack Show on Complex TV, and gives us his view of this “beef” as an insider and close comrade of Nas, but entails more about the musical process of creating “Ether” and his opinion on Hov’s “Takeover”, which is what initially started this musical clash.

From Nas’ writing process, his lyrical attack method, how the energy in the studio was, to the first beat that Nas intended to use: Large Professor paints an epic picture of how this whole scenario went down.  To all of my real Hip Hop heads out there, this is a must watch.  It’s not often that we get this kind of information, especially from a reliable source; such as, Large Pro.  He relays the science to us, so lovely.


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From your standpoint, which song do YOU think was superior:  “The Takeover” or “Ether”?
Who ultimately won the battle or the war???
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New Muzik: Junglepussy Guarantees Ultimate Satisfaction on Her Debut Album

“WANT SOME MO’???  Know the nigga want some mo’!”

Junglepussy is like that new chick on the block.  She’s hella dope, has her own style.  To everybody, she’s so cool and down to Earth, but lives in her own lil’ world…  And you can’t help but to want to take a journey there.  Thus, the power and energy that is Junglepussy!

This 22 year old Brooklyn rapper really is in her own lane.  Out of the tons of artists out there who attempt to be authentic and provocative in their own way, Junglepussy is one of the few that actually has been successful in doing so, from her lyrical content to her daring style.  And her debut album, Satisfaction Guaranteed, makes no exception to these rules.

Released earlier this week, and free for stream through VICE Media, it is a sonic explosion of a new sound that has been emerging from various New York artists within recent years.  This album is a fusion of Boom Bap and electronic beats, mixed with raw and juicy lyrics that keep you hooked on track after track.

This melanated mommi is so dope.  I love her unapologetic attitude within her lyrics and artistic approach; as well as, her intelligence.  And how she dares to be no one but herself; a sensual beauty full of subtle sexiness and prowling ambition.  Do yourself a favor and listen to this amazing album.

Satisfaction guaranteed, baby!  #LoveHer #NotYourAverageRapAlbum #ScorpioShit


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Count Contessa REIGNS in The Ratchet

Count Contessa is my latest muse.  Hailing from Long Island, New York, by the way of Brooklyn…  This Italian bombshell is heating up the internet and catching the attention of people worldwide with her latest video, “Reign in Ratchet”.

Contessa Stuto is a legendary performer and personality from the underground party scene/movement of NYC and has been for the past decade.  Although she has been known for this and her Cunt Mafia movement, she recently gained global notoriety through Harlem rapstress, Azealia Banks’s song entitled, “Count Contessa”, a song paying homage to this crowned diva.  Talk about influence and rank.

And with the spotlight shining on her, she has released a new video to a song that condemns the rich and famous for their swift and unapologetic theft of urban and underground culture and music within recent years.  The video for “Reign in Ratchet” is a beautiful, yet wild representation of an already bubbling and creative community of people that are having fun and just being THEMSELVES.  Thus, being the reason why Count Contessa is the unique and visionary artist that people love.  And even love to steal from…  I’m just saying.

Look out for more from the Cunt Queen, and be sure to follow her on Twitter…
She is a Kiiiiiii on there!

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Harlem World Reacts to the ‘New’ Harlem Shake

Last week, I began to see a buzz on Twitter and throughout the net that, lo and behold, some one resuscitated a classic dance from the dead, and that the Harlem Shake had been brought back to life.  So I went to Youtube to see one of the TRILLION (No, I’m serious) remixes/videos of this “new” craze to see what it’s hitting for.  And nearly 15 seconds in I say to myself, “THIS AIN’T THE HARLEM SHAKE!  LET ALONE, A NEW YORK STYLE HIP-HOP BEAT!”.

This craze has literally taken over the internet like never before.  You have people uploading videos every second, worldwide, showcasing their take on the shake.  But what I’ve been thinking to myself all along is, what do the dear people of Harlem, New York, USA think about this?  Because as old as the original dance is (in the GIF above), it was very original and classic.  Even here in Cincinnati, everybody in 8th grade was trying to jig to this new sound and Hip-Hop dance.

So the good people at Schelpp Films went to the streets to hear the real voice of Harlem to get their opinions on this fanatically, awkward phenomenon that’s going on.  And I’m telling you, I’ve watched this video so many times, and I enjoy it more and more each time.  You gotta love New Yorkers, their reactions are priceless!

So what’s your take on the new Harlem Shake?  I say, shout out to Bauuer, the producer of this new track, but it is nothing more than a dance beat.  It doesn’t stand a chance to G-Dep’s “Let’s Get It” or the many other songs from the 2001-2003 era that had everybody rocking; the original Harlem Shake was a movement.  It was Hip-Hop and authentic.  But I don’t know so much about this.  Share your thoughts.