#MyCurrentMuse: Turquoise Woman

Turquoise Woman

Okay.  So, her beauty is just captivating on various scales.
Her energy and aura just seeps through this photo.

I came across this Goddess on the Africland facebook page, and I was immediately blown away.  I have a ‘thing’ for African beauty; and moreover, I have a true attraction to North-East African women.  There is something about the women of this region and their features that are just striking to me.  I find their energy within photos to be very pulling and almost God-like.  And this young woman is no exception.

There was no name given, nor what tribe and/or country she was from in the post caption.  Therefore, I left a general comment inquiring about her background off of her features and dress, and was informed that she is from the Fulani Tribe of North/West/Central Africa.  And another person said that she is from the Kunama tribe of Eritrea and Ethiopia.  After doing my own research, she looks more like a member of the Fulani than the later, but who’s to say that there isn’t some sort of genetic connection between both tribes?  Let’s not forget, Africa is called “The Motherland”.

And is it me, or is there something Native American-like, about her?  It could be her hair,  her striking-disposition, or her auburn-red tone, which can only be found amongst certain ethnic groups in the world.  I just find her to be perfection; beautiful dress and jewelry, enthralling eyes.

WOW.  African Beauty.  Original Woman.  ✪

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