Happy June: Free Readings!

June is here, and it’s a WONDERFUL feeling!

We have officially made it through half of 2014, kudos to us!  In celebration of life and the many great things that have happened to me since the beginning of last month, I have chosen to pass my joy on to others.  So for the entire month of June, I will be giving out FREE emotional and spiritual healing consultations to those in need.  Yup, FREE!

I feel that with the school year coming to an end, people winding down for relaxation and Summer being around the corner, this would be an awesome gift to people out there looking for guidance for the next part of the year.  As time goes on, life begins to show us how important it is to be living in our full potential.  It’s as if we are being reminded, continuously, to take risks and reach for the stars, as our on light shine’s within.

And to all of those ready to walk a journey of courage and bliss, whom made need a helping hand, check out the new, My Services tab, where you can find out more about these free readings.

I am so looking forward to the new people that I will meet through this new venture. There’s nothing like the gift of reaching out to reach within.

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