An Ode To DJ Rashad

The news of the passing of Rashad Harden, better known as, DJ Rashad, has been hard to inhale.  It really messes me up.  He was such an icon, blazing a trail of music worldwide that was birthed in the heart of America.  A true Ambassador of the Footwork culture and incomparable deejay and producer, it just really hurts that the Midwest has suffered another great lost, such as this man.

Chicago, Illinois is such an important city, here in America.  They have birthed some of the most creative people and brought forth so much to the culture of the Midwest and that of America, as a whole.  I feel like with all of the things that the media pushes out there about Chicago, the positive gets lost, intentionally.  The TRUE and WHOLE culture of Chicago and the Midwest is never revealed and exposed.  Because DJ Rashad has been doing positive things with his music for years, carrying on the legacy of DJ Frankie Knuckles, Curtis Mayfield, Kanye West and others who have put on for this city of Soul and Passion.  A city of immense flavor, history and victorious tribulations.  And DJ Rashad has been the pilot of a musical movement that has told it’s story to the world.

His music was amazing.  The way he could chop a song up and flip it into a track, whether it be old school or new, that cats can just footwork and dance to all night long is a gift; he had his own sound.  A sound that painted a unique picture left for the listener to interpret and feel.  And he had MUCH MORE to give.

This is an ode to DJ Rashad, The Ghetto Tekz and Teklife crew, Chicago, the Footwork culture and the Midwest.  I send my condolences to his family, friends and all of those touched and invigorated by his music.  May his spirit live on through his music.

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