Understanding and Overstanding The Cosmos

We are a+part of some-thing vast and wondrous. ~ We are a-part of some-thing IN+timate & true.
~ Something BOTH + modern -n- ancient.  Sum+thing of this AGE and fore all AGEs. ~

Codex Tor, Part II

4 thoughts on “Understanding and Overstanding The Cosmos

  1. I have Leigh McCloskey’s majors-only tarot deck “Tarot ReVISIONed” and a large version of the book he wrote for that. I loved seeing this video and that he’s still creating.

    Some of his line work reminds me of my favourite illustrator Rockwell Kent who did a lot of mystical things and black and white work and book illustrations. He did a lithograph called The Vision which is quite like this work by Leigh.

      • Leigh is a bit New-Agey for my taste, but his art is so interesting.

        I’ve always though that Jesus, being a carpenter which requires some skill and a good eye, would love art and creativity.

        No doubt you enjoyed Rockwell Kent’s The Vision….”I am…”

      • It really is, I have honestly never seen anything quite like his work. His art to me looks like some sort of ancient codes/symbols.. Yet they are also futuristic.

        And I just peeped Kent’s piece… Phenomenal, I definitely see the similarities. I must dig more into him, I can tell he was ahead of his time.

        Interesting take on Jesus.. I feel like his real story in entirety has never been revealed to the masses. There was a lot more to the “Son of Man” than we (the collective) have been fed.

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