Ghetto Dream$, Rich Fantasie$

I feel like everyone has had a moment like this in their life, whether in public or private.
This is dedicated to all of my people out there in the struggle…..

~Never give up on your dreams~

4 thoughts on “Ghetto Dream$, Rich Fantasie$

  1. This is one of my all time favorite movie but before i go into this, my dreams have always been to be a part of music in some way! i remember way way back in the mid 70’s of creating a group of my neighborhood friends, you already have a idea of this story from Nostalgic Luv. We actually did a lil’ something but our resources were very limited,no one was able to take us to the next label. We had Two public appearances, one at Edisto Island Beach,S.C. and the Local Community Center that we went to weekly. There was this one white guy and trust me they weren’t many that came around lol! that recorded our performance at the community center but we never saw him again! man would i have loved to have had that footage! To give you a idea of what song we cover and performed on 4 bongos,1 tambourine,1 maracas and a flute check out this vid called Party Bump 1974 by Gentleman and their Ladies Now fast forward to 1979 and being a senior in High School and hearing Rapper’s Delight for the first time and loving it, but not sure of what i was hearing? Needless to say i started buying a lot of early Rap Records, figuring out how can i be a part of this movement but i didn’t know how until till i joined the U.S. Marines in 1981 slowly meeting homies from New York and other places and becoming immersed in it from a Fan prospective. Until in 1983 i met a homie from Spanish Harlem called J-Slice who introduced me to Deejaying, Btw i was born in Harlem too and lived there until the mid 70’s my mother still lives in the same apartment now from that time, the Grant Projects! Con’t…

  2. From that time on i had to pursuit my dreams of becoming a Hip Hop Artist! I formed my first Hip Hop Crew in 1983 with a Rapper from Hollis Queens called Don-Q-MC and a Rapper from North Carolina called Dr.P who was incredible! I missed that cat! Don-Q-Mc and i still stay in touch, you know him as Attendant One on Nostalgic Luv! we didn’t get the record contract but we were definitely performing every chance we could get! i missed those times now, when i got out of the Marines in 1984 i kept pursuing my dreams and met some other brothas that lived in the same area where i moved to called East Orange,N.J. Some of these homies have gone on to do bigger and better things! some of their names are Dj.Kerri Chandler, Chino XL, and Super Beware known to everybody else as ALY-US of the club song Follow Me fame.
    It’s so much that i can go into but i am already long winded with this but i will say this i have enjoyed my journey thus far! who knew that in 1994 i would form another group called Mind Frame that included one of the singers from the R&B group Riff featured in the movie Lean on me, he was the one that leaded the guys into the new Alma mater in the bathroom his name is Kenneth Kelly we were together from 1994 til 2008! that’s the closest we ever got to being sign but it didn’t happen! Damn! Damn! Damn! the famous words of Miss Florida Evans! lol! When i look back at everything, it is definitely the journey that makes Dreams worth pursuing you never know where you might end up? hopefully somewhere nice!

  3. Oh i almost forgot the movie is in my Vhs Collection, they have out on dvd but i don’t like the quality of the movie transfer they made, it’s has a echo throughout the film and did you know that this movie was based on Professor X’s from X-Clan Fame Father, Professor X name is Lumumba Carson.

      That is a HUGE chunk of history you just dropped, Zeke… And I GREATLY appreciate it. WOW! That is so awesome!!!

      I must call you soon, because you already know that I have MASS questions… And I feel like I did know that this movie was about Prof. X’s father… But either way, that is awesome… I might have to look into getting the book, as well.

      Thank you so much for sharing YOUR story, though. And just hearing that inspires me to continually reach for my dreams. I swear, you could like write a book, my man! You have been a witness and participant of Hip Hop since its conception, that is such a blessing and you are still here… AMAZING!

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