Epic Quotes #3

“Any chump can shoot a man down, but it takes a real man to get to another man’s heart.”

– Rommel (Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs) from the 1978 movie, Youngblood

3 thoughts on “Epic Quotes #3

  1. This was a good flick! i never had this one in my collection but i knew about it! I knew i had to get it when i viewed it on the Bounce Network a month ago and to my surprise i was actually able to get it from the New Corner Store around my block 2 weeks ago, i have to admit i rarely ever buy dvds like that especially if they are bootlegs! but when the brotha was playing it in the store the video quality passed my test! Lol! so i had to get it,don’t tell nobody! If you haven’t seen this flick i will add this one to your list when i start recording again, it’s somewhat of a coming of age story within the gangs but one of the main characters is really reluctant to be a part of that, but slowly get’s involved in the not so good problems of that life but with a couple of twists!

    • Funny thing is, I saw this for the first time on Bounce too! Last year, me and my mom were just speaking about how they play alot of unsung movies that most people don’t know about that are so good! And it was something about this one that i really liked it, because I don’t hear many ppl talk about this one… I wonder where the main actor is today, he did a wonderful job!

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