Sylvia, Sensuality & Music

You want to know what’s rare?

Turning on award shows and seeing artists perform and relay their music to an audience without overtly sexual dispositions and just being downright raunchy.  Now don’t get me wrong, I love and live for artists such as Lil’ Kim, Janet Jackson and others who throughout the years have used their feminine prowess and sexuality to create an image and brand that have made them stars and icons within various musical genres.  But I find it interesting that artists nowadays lean on “being sexy” and attractive so much to the point that their talent gets lost….. Or even worse, they aren’t even sexy and their talent isn’t even fathomable.

So when I come across an artist like the late, Sylvia, I find her to be so intriguing.  Mainly because her music was so sensual and sexual, but it still left something to the imagination.  Her lyrics were playfully poetic and the production on her songs were full of lush sounds that set a true mood for love and good vibrations.  But what I loved about her the most had to have been her live performances.  It is not often that you come across an artist, let alone, a woman that allows her femininity to just flow effortlessly.  It’s like she was sexy, without trying to be sexy.  She didn’t have to perform over the top acts to get across her message of love.  Now those are the kind of attributes that can be appreciated in any artist.

Smooth, sweet and sensual.  That’s what Sylvia was and anytime I think of her and her music, I am reminded of how being a woman that knows what she wants is a gift.  But being a woman that SAYS what she wants, freely in a naturally authentic way, is powerful.

Rest in peace, Mrs. Sylvia Robinson!
“The Mother of Hip Hop” ❤

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