Love and Relationships According to Eartha Kitt

    “I [want to] fall in love with myself, and I want someone to share it with me.
I want someone to share me…..  with me.”

I saw a clip from Ms. Kitt’s 1982, All By Myself, bio-documentary a couple of years ago with my sister.  And since then, I had totally forgotten about it.  It was not until recently that I went onto Tumblr and saw some of the quotes from this clip being re-posted that I instinctively remembered it.  Quotes that related to Eartha’s views on being in love and sharing your love in a relationship.  And I find every one of her replies that she rebuttals back to the interviewer concerning this topic to be very mysterious, yet consciously penetrating, because I understand where she is coming from.

For years, I always thought that love was more about compromising some of yourself and sacrificing old habits and ways in order to coexist in a well-balanced relationship with another person.  And to a certain extent, I still do believe that.  But to hear Ms. Kitt say that she does not believe that to be true at all, kind of blew me back.  But her reasoning for disagreeing made purr-fect sense.

And although, I do understand how some people may interpret what she is saying to be slightly self-centered and ego-tripish, but she really isn’t trying to sound that way at all.  From what she stated, I find that she believes more in being in love with who you are first and knowing yourself.  And when you become comfortable enough with yourself, then you will find someone who can share that freedom with you; the freedom of self-acceptance and self-love.  And when you have mastered that, then you will find someone who will understand that power and want to share that experience…as they have mastered loving themself, too.

I mean, forreal, 4real….. Eartha drops some jewels in this video.  You just really have to open up your ears, intellect and heart in order to really understand what she is saying.  Ms. Kitt was SO deep…. As deep as love.

P.S. Don’t you just love how dramatic, she was?  It’s no surprise that I would name this blog after one of her many one-liners.  Miss her much!

What are your thoughts on love and compromise?
Do you agree or disagree with Eartha’s point of view?

Share your comments below!

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