Look Into The Sky: Solar Eclipse & New Moon in Scorpio

Tomorrow, November 13th at 5:08 EST, we will be experiencing a VERY powerful energy shift on our planet.  There will be a Solar Eclipse AND New Moon occurring in the powerful sign of Scorpio.   A time full of deep emotions, healing and preparing for the future.

As I stated in a previous post, the end of the year is right around the corner and the Fall season has flew by so fast.  And this “hibernation period” is most definitely calling for us to face some of our many fears, past experiences and karma that we have indebted.  And being that my sun sign is in Scorpio and it is one of the dominant signs in my birth chart, I know that this time is of great realization and rebirth.

Below, I have posted a link and a video from two of my favorite astrologists, Ms. Sonja Francis of astrologercoach.com, and Laurie Rezanoff of starseekersconnection.com.  They explain the true meaning and significance of this shift on a more in depth level, while explaining how this affects us all personally.

Look up into the sky, and go deep within….. Because things are definitely going to be shaken up in ALL of our lives.

L. Rezanoff’s Blog Post

S. Francis’s Vlog:

Check out my personal video explaining the basic and general meaning of a New Moon.

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