In Memory of Natina Reed


As many of you know, Natina Reed (1st on the left), passed away at the age of 28 on Friday.  Two days before her birthday.  Natina was the rapstress and member of the R&B group, Blaque.

Natina was a very talented young woman.  Not only was she the official writer of her group penning the hit, “I Do”, and many other songs, but she also worked with her ex-husband, Kurupt, on the classic “It’s Over“.  And many people do not know that prior to that, she was writing for her mentor, Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes’s group, TLC.

But what I adored the most about Natina was how fiery and bubbly she was.  In Blaque’s music videos and in their interviews, you could tell that she had a beautiful personality.  It even showed in her acting debut in the classic teen movie, Bring It On.  Natina was very smart and tenacious, a true creative visionary.  In a recent interview with You Know I Got Soul, she stated that she had plans of releasing some new music within the near future and that her group, Blaque, would be reuniting again.

God works in mysterious ways.  My fondest memory of her music is in 4th grade, my friends and I created a dance to their song “808” on the playground.  I still remember the moves until this day…. You can’t buy memories like that.  My condolences are with her family, especially her son.  She will be missed.

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