Happy Birthday, Kelly Osbourne!

Happy Birthday to one of my favs, Miss Kelly Osbourne!  She turns 28 years young today!

Kelly is what I like to call a REAL renaissance woman.  She is well-spoken, very confident, honest, has impeccable style, has a hit of spunk and edginess to her and has various talents that she can tap into career wise and people LOVE her for it.  And to know all of the things that Kelly has went through from her adolescent years on her family’s reality show to now being one of the most well-respected women in the fashion world and being a role model for women out there…. I doesn’t get any better than that. But what is most interesting about Kelly is that her and I have the same exact Life Path Number (5) and we have many of the same astrological signs in the same planets and houses, so I automatically am prone to being attracted to her whole aura and all that she does. Enjoy your birthday, Kelly, and keep shinning! ❤

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