¡My Birthday is in 7 Days: Fiesta!

I am turning 23 in 7 days….

Just thinking about all of the things that I have been through, learned, accomplished and overcome since last year is mind-blowing.  I am just truly blessed and looking forward to what this new year and age has in store for me.  I see big things popping, so I am already excited.
I am currently in the process of trying to get a cake.  I had a DOPE cake last year that was shaped like a slice of cake, but this year I want a Hello Kitty cake.  But the bakeries here are on my nerves, giving me the run around, but I’m not going to give up…  ‘Cause I want my Hello Kitty cake! 🙂

And other than that, I really have nothing planned as of now.  I haven’t even bought my wig, which is an annual tradition, since I’m a Halloween baby.  I haven’t planned anything with my friends, but this is what I do…. I plan things late, but they always turn out epic.

So I shall be doing a post-birthday post, and possibly a video, to share with you my experiences.  I always have very strange epiphany moments throughout my birthday week, so it should be interesting to see what happens.  I also had a dream about my birthday a couple weeks back, so I already know that this birthday is going to be one of a kind.

Until then, enjoy the rest of your week and enjoy October!
Halloween is near!  WOOO-OOOHHHHH-HAAA-HA-HA! (lol)

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