RZA and Snoop Dogg Chop It Up

Two of Hip Hop’s most well respected legends, RZA and Snoop Dogg, had a one on one discussion about their lives and journey through music.  This dialogue is a MUST SEE for all of the true Hip Hop heads out there, especially for those who grew up and bared witness to the stronghold that the West Coast and East Coast had on music in the 1990s.  It was one of the most beautifulest times in music (thank you, Keith Murray).

Throughout this video, Snoop and RZA start from the beginning.  RZA talking the impact Kung-Fu movies had on him and his crew as shorties and how ODB is his blood cousin.  And Snoop chiming in about growing up with his fellow DPG brothers and the impact the Wu Tang Clan had on him.  RZA also spoke about his upcoming martial arts movie, The Man with The Iron Fists, coming out in theaters November 2nd.  And from the trailer alone, this movie is definitely going to be one of the year’s most action packed, breakout films.

Shout out to Snoop for choosing to feature RZA for this interview.  Whenever you can get two of music’s most innovative artists to sit down and chop it up like this, fans are always appreciative.

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